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Charter Agreement


Standard "Member Only" Bare Boat Charter Agreement

North Georgia Boating Club "NGBC" has entered into a long term shared use agreement with owner of Yacht "Andiamo" and owner "Deal with it!" Each yacht owner is also a member of "NGBC"

Your ability to reserve use of this vessel is due to your NGBC membership. As a member you may use agreed upon yacht as part of your planned activity, event, or outing, within the limitations agreed upon.

Delivery: (Yacht Owner) has agreed to deliver the Yacht to agreed location in good working order and ready for service.

The hosting member will accept all responsibilities assumed by a common bare boat charterer and will make self familiar with safe operation of yacht by volunteering as crew on same yacht prior to own excursion. Member will be responsible for any and all permitting that may be required by any Governmental entity. ( see link to Government web site )

 Link to Government web site

You as a member will also authorize any boat club official to acquire any such permit in your name if you fail to do so. (fees may apply)
If you are organizing a Wedding, Regatta, or Fishing Tournament with 10 or more vessels a permit is mandatory. Please see link above to Government web site

As a hosting member you will be responsible for the actions and safety of your entire party. If you plan on drinking you must provide and identify a designated person in your party that will watch over and ensure the safety of your entire party. The boat will be driven by a qualified club member that will be under your direction as to where the Yacht will travel.

Restricted Use:

The Charterer / Hosting Member agrees to:

• Operate the Yacht using good seamanship and within the applicable laws,
• Not to smoke below deck,
• Not to bring pets,
• Not to race or operate the Yacht for pay.

The Charterer / Hosting member agrees to return the Yacht to location of boarding by the specified time and date and with all equipment in the same condition and repair as received.

Charterer / Hosting member agrees that he/she is qualified and possess the necessary experience in the management and operation of the Yacht  or will be assisted a club member who has already met owner's approval for operation of yacht. The yacht will be in your possession from start time to finish time as indicated on NGBC invoice but will extend to entire time you or your party is on Yacht if you change or expand your use time.

If Hosting Member / Charterer wishes to captain boat he / she  must submit a written resume and or licenses and certifications relative to yachting experience to owner for evaluation (a minimum of 2 weeks prior to boarding) or employ the services of a qualified captain or employ the services of a licensed captain

Misrepresentation or lack of disclosure by Charterer related to experience may result in cancellation.

Charterer Responsibilities: Charterer agrees to indemnify and hold Owner, NGBC and it’s agents and employees harmless against all claims of causes of any kind involved with the use and charter of the Yacht.

Incident reports:

Charterer will report in person or in writing any incident and or damages related to the operation of the Yacht during the charter to Owner This includes but is not limited to: injury to any person on the Yacht or as a result of the operation of the Yacht, loss, breakage or failure of rigging, gear, or items in the inventory, grounding, striking or making unintentional contact with another vessel, intervention by a governing body, and any incident which may render the Yacht in a lesser condition of operation than when boarded by the Charterer.