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Membership & Fees


Join the fun with a membership to North Georgia Boating Club.
Membership will allow individuals, families, and corporate entities to join, and share the use of waterfront vacation property and watercraft. 

Why become a member...as a member in good standing you are trusted with the care of club held recreational assets. You will have the ability to reserve the use of a lakefront cottage, a boat, and even a yacht. Invite your friends and family, plan your next family reunion. The concept is simple you can use and enjoy club assets as if it were your own. Members are given freedom to enjoy but with freedom comes responsibility. With each use there will be agreed upon limits as to number of guests at a property or on any boat. The member assumes all responsibility for his entire party as well as the property left in member's care.

The North Georgia Boating Club is also very interested in the boating community in general. We host at least one event per year that all members are encouraged to attend. Its a great way to meet new friends who share similar interests. As the club's bank account grows... excess funds will be used to further the goals of the club. Yes more boats and more vacation homes.. We also intend to invest in boating safety events open to general public. These events will be an opportunity to attract new members. However, The club feels that boating safety is a priority for anyone on a boat... member or not.

Club Membership Criteria

1) Enjoy waterfront recreation opportunities
2) Be respectful in use of club assets and those of others
3) Desire to have access to waterfront homes and watercraft
4) Willingness to be responsible for the care  of club assets when in your possession

The club will buy, lease, or otherwise secure use of an asset for it's members, and then members have the ability to reserve private use through the club as well as join in on any club functions or gatherings.

Membership is an exceptional value!

Use fees vary based on asset, time of year, and duration of use. (see listing pages )

1) Vacation homes and watercraft will be available for member use as designated by empty / reserved dates on house / asset calendar
2) The Club has designated Lanier Cabin Rentals as booking and reservation service

First Year Memberships are on a trial basis. The club has expectations that each new member will be respectful of club property, neighbors, other boaters, and the public lands. The club has the right to terminate any first year memberships for any reason.

Basic Individual Membership    $200
A basic membership you as a member are the only person authorized to access property or operate club boat.

Couples Membership   $300
A couples membership either of the two members can access property or operate club boat

Family Membership   $400
Up to 4 people can be named as members (must be family)

Corporate Membership   $800
Up to 6 people can be named as members

All members are authorized to entertain and have guests on boats and in club property only within the limits set forth in each use agreement.
Your guests are potential new club members.  Show them a good time and you receive a $50 rebate or credit with each new member you refer to the club
( They must use you as a referral at time of sign - up )

Second year dues to be paid quarterly at 25% of annual membership fee

*  Cancel Membership Policy -  30 day written notice to info@northgeorgiaboat.org