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Vacation HomeTerms of Use


Property will be available for guests at 3pm on check in date.
All guests must vacate property  by 11 am on check out date.

Standard Terms and Conditions of Use

Deposit  & Additional  Charge Authorization :

Cancellation policy: Reservation Cancellation Policy vary from property to property "CHECK LISTING DETAILS" - There are no guaranteed refunds unless noted on listing or invoice details
Be aware that your reservation blocks others from reserving the property. If you need to cancel it must be done in righting and at that point we will attempt to find a replacement reservation for your dates. Even if property policy will not permit an outright refund we will be able to facilitate a partial refund if we find a replacement user for your dates. Early cancellations have a better chance of substantial refund than do last minute.

Added Use/Service Policy: (Unauthorized Late Check Out $50/hour) (BBQ Grill Cleaning...$25...if member leaves grill clean there will be no charge) (Excess Trash.... first 5 tall kitchen bags free ... then $10 per bag) (Added House & Grounds Cleaning billed @ $45/hr) ( Upon Request club service provider offers VIP house prep service please inquire... Minimum additional fee $100)
Over use fees ...Each home has use limitations noted on invoice as to the number of guests & vehicles permitted with your use. You may request to have these limits raised for a fee of $15 per person per night to raise the limit for duration of your stay. Any expanded use must be requested in advance. In the event that you overstep these limits you will be responsible for any damages plus an additional fee of $100 per person and $100 per vehicle in excess of use limitations on invoice. Upon notification you will have 1 hour to bring your party within limitations or these fees will be applied again. (after 11 pm anyone on property will be considered an overnight guest and over use fees will apply if you are over your use limit) Expanded use on a day by day basis can be permitted under special event package.

Security & Damage Policy: Person or Entity member paying invoice is responsible for the care of the premises, appliances, and furnishings. You are also responsible for any and all damage by neglect or wrongful acts caused by you or any of your guests. North Georgia Boating Club or it's agents may immediately charge an additional $500 to card on file for any damages or breaking house rules such as (No Pets) (No Smoking) (Number of Cars) (Number of Guests). In the event damages & fines exceed $500 NGBC will provide member with itemized statement of charges still due. Member will then have 10 days to arrange for optional payment method prior to any additional charges. Club has selected each club held property because of it's desirable atributes. However, if you have difficulty or issue with any boat club property we encourage you to write the club's board by sending a detailed review to mailbox contact@northgeorgiaboat.org. The board will use your feedback to take corrective measures and resolve problem for next member using the property. Negative public reviews are prohibited and will cause damage to the club's mission. Same as property damage, you will be held responsible and your $500 damage deposit will be taken immediately, additional damage fees may also apply.

Owner / Board Member / agent access: We respect privacy of members private use, However, owner, board member and or agent may access property as needed. 24 hour notice will be provided when possible.

Member Casual Access - Any North Georgia Boat club member is welcome to casual use of all outdoor facilities at all club held property. Casual use may not conflict with member reserved use. However, stopping by dock and meeting fellow club members is encouraged.

Key: Key will be supplied at the time of check-in. It is your responsibility to keep the home secure while in and away from the home. Key must be placed back in lock box at the time of checkout. Any lost key will result in a $10 lost key fee

 Noise/Nuisance / Damage Causing Behavior: Members and their guests are not to disturb neighbors with loud noise or music, or unlawful, unsafe or pollution causing behavior. Should member or any of it's guests participate in such behavior, you will be asked to leave and forfeit the remainder of the use fees and the security/reservation deposit. Authorized deposit may be collected & held to off set costs associated with you or your guests misconduct. Any intentional acts that damage property or reputation of club or homeowner will result in loss of your authorized deposit. Intentional acts of loud music and disruption such as bringing a DJ will be cause for immediate removal from property and a $2000 fee plus any financial damage club or property may incur due to your breach of agreement.

 Smoke-free environment: For the enjoyment of all future guests, smoking is not permitted in the home.

 No Pet Policy - No pets are allowed in vacation home. Most of properties will have no exceptions to the no pet rule. If an exception is made it will be included as an item on your invoice and there will be an additional charge for each pet.

 Liability & Damage All guests paying or otherwise shall indemnify and hold harmless property owner, North Georgia Boating Club and any of it's agents from any and all liability, claims, loss, damage, or expenses arising by reason of any death, injury, or property damage sustained by any person including any agent or employee where such death, injury or property damage is allegedly caused by a negligent or intentional act by responsible party or any of it's guests.

 Performance: This agreement imposes an obligation of good faith in its performance and enforcement. If you (Member, or person or entity paying this invoice) default in the performance of any of the obligations contained herein, Boat Club shall be entitled to recover all costs and expenses including court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Service of unit - Power, TV,  Internet outages, and household appliance service issues will be addressed fixed or restored promptly during your stay. However, refunds will only be credited if the unit becomes uninhabitable.

Member accepts the responsibility of informing all guests, agents, employees of the above terms. This reserved use in no way conveys possession of property. . As the responsible member you will have use of property for your event, vacation or similar purpose as detailed by use limitations, and check in and check out times on your private use invoice. If your use of the property exceeds agreed limits you will be asked to leave the property and your private use will be terminated. All fines fees and or damages as outlined in this agreement will apply.